How do we settle-down into coherence?

We are perturbed and react out of our displacement. Coming to terms with futility, finding an emotional ground by accepting Grief, discovering our interdependence, we come to trust. Following this path internally we integrate our selves. Following this path in company we develop community.

Without a lived sense of interdependence, a realization that we cannot live without each other, we cannot arrive at a level of trust sufficient to establish a ground on which to stand.

This term interdependence is suggested

to distinguish this form of dependence of all-upon-all

from mutual dependence and co-dependence;

mutual dependence, suggesting a negotiation

to establish an us-against-them;

and co-dependence, an unhealthy complicity

in maintaining

a habitual form of incoherence.

Rivalry, the impulse to turn every relationship into a negotiation, is inevitable without an understanding of the ground of interdependence. Our incapacity to be serious, to intend our lives, and root our self-preservation in a living imagination makes trust impossible. Our true and indivisible interdependence remains hidden from us just as the actual dangers and threats we face are masked behind phantasms raised by our impoverished, distraction-led imaginations. Chasing after trivial assurances of permanence and certainty that can never be met we fail to see our true conditions and accept our insoluble linkages.

If we can recapture the meaning of development it will be through recognizing the need for a multi-faceted incorporation of fine-grained distinctions concerning the make-up of our lives as lived, building and expanding and gaining strength and clarity as we integrate our experiences within a developing, integrated self. When this happens in company we develop…, something, something much deeper and more Antifragile than belief, from out of our interdependence. We recognize our interdependence as the foundation and ground on which we can stand.

Suffering is the cost of Ego.

Without having passed through an affliction of suffering

brought about by the deceptions of Ego

we would not be able to interrogate Ego

and become aware of the existence

of Mind beyond Ego.

At this point in our flailing, chasing desires, and running from fears we begin to settle-down. We have gained, and continue to develop, discernment as we discover distinctions and find something much more substantial than the Chimera of Certainty we had been seeking.

Perhaps we discover faith?

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