A Great Wave

At the end of a ride on a great wave we find ourselves gasping and spitting, with the sharp tang of brine penetrating our sinuses, sand in our eyes. Our minds filled by a euphoric kaleidoscopic replaying of the ride’s thrills. Meanwhile, the next wave is about to land on us, pushing us down intoContinue reading “A Great Wave”

An Event Horizon

Most days follow on from the day before and are followed by another in such a way that at any given moment, and certainly in retrospect, the salient sensation we’re left with is of partaking in continuity. This is an aspect of the workings of the mind and is related to; and it might beContinue reading “An Event Horizon”

On Coherence, A Manifesto

The broken state of our world has become so obvious that further efforts to list and attempt to convince those who refuse to recognize it are beyond counterproductive. We are easily distracted by nightmare scenarios, psycho-dramas, playing-out alternative doomsdays, whose only purpose is as a mechanism to keep us stuck, helpless, and increasingly incapable ofContinue reading “On Coherence, A Manifesto”


How do we settle-down into coherence? We are perturbed and react out of our displacement. Coming to terms with futility, finding an emotional ground by accepting Grief, discovering our interdependence, we come to trust. Following this path internally we integrate our selves. Following this path in company we develop community.

Communion with the Sacred

Art and craft, these two simple words do a fine job of naming two of the three realms of living. I’ve had some difficulty finding an equally straightforward and simple term to describe and name the third. For a while I’ve latched onto John Michael Greer’s “Theosphere.” It is literal enough. It describes a realmContinue reading “Communion with the Sacred”


Design is a distillation of Craft. The best design is not a set of instructions. Good design inspires us to relate both to the materials at hand and our place in the world: physically, socially, and spiritually. Design provides a framework for Craft where we develop our skills. Design is not a prison of intention.Continue reading “Design”

A Welcome Review

Over on his blog, PatternWhichConnects, Jeppe Graugaard had this to say about my work. Last year we co-published three of these conversations which delved into some of the processes that underpin the sense of isolation and fragmentation we had both experienced (albeit in different ways) as well as the ways in which we were beginningContinue reading “A Welcome Review”

Reflection on the Dark Mountain

At Dark Mountain, the home of Uncivilization, I found a living culture. I didn’t know what I would find. My hopes caught up in theoretical frameworks. The flimsiness of my previous interactions with the core of this loose amalgam overcompensated in mental calculations assembled, as if in a geometric proof. As if reading the perturbations ofContinue reading “Reflection on the Dark Mountain”


Art and Craft both deal with meaning. In Art we grapple with questions of meaning. In Craft we grapple with our limitations. In Communion we integrate what we’ve found. Reach out. Build relationships. Integrate our human community within the greater community of all life. Engaging with Community we discover purpose. Sharing creative work drives whatContinue reading “Communion”


I’ve been a visual artist since before I dared admit it! It took a while to realize. I’d been to Boat School before returning to college to study painting. I’ve had wonderful teachers: Donald Lent, and Robert Feintuch at Bates College. Jake Grossberg and Alan Coté at the Milton Avery Graduate School of the ArtsContinue reading “Art”


Attention to perception and creativity is at the heart of what I do. Complexity cannot be reduced to any given certainty. Colleagues have had this to say: …you’ve focused on how even promising responses to our converging predicaments become mired in the internalized power/coercion dynamics which produced them in the first place. Christian Ford OrwellContinue reading “Profile/Contact”