Helen, a 38′ Sloop Boat


Helen, a 38′ – 5″ Sloop Boat, Outboard Profile

Helen is related to the Schooner Boat.

In the closing days of sail the fishing boats of New England ran from diminutive dories to schooners over a hundred feet long. In the middle were the sloop boats and schooner boats, ranging from about twenty-five to seventy feet.

This sloop boat is larger than the 32′ Schooner Boat; but still on the small side for its type.

Helen differs from the model by having a raised deck cabin amidships. This maximizes space below while still providing deep, secure bulwarks fore & aft.

Helen is shown in the third illustration with Buster. Too large to be carried on deck here. Buster is a potential mother-hen for a fleet of small boats. More on these as they’re fleshed out.


  • LBP: 38′-5″
  • LWL 32′ – 11″
  • Beam 12′ – 0″
  • Draft 5′ – 3″

Sail Area:

  • Main 374 sq. ft.
  • Stay’sl 114 sq. ft.
  • Jib 129 sq. ft.
  • Total 710 sq. ft.

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