Recent Studies, 2021

Recent Studies, 2021

When working from a “subject” there is a tacit, physical transmission of verisimilitude
as the hand or brush leaves traces that bring what is seen in the world
to life on the surface of the painting.

A similar thing happens when we use another painting as a model.
It’s impossible to create a “copy” of an existing work.
What happens is that we find that our hand and eye respond to what we see before us.

Working on an original painting is open ended.
Nothing can show us what it’s supposed to look like or tell us whether it is finished.

Working from an existing work we can compare what we’ve done
to the original and see what is still missing.

This is what makes studies so rewarding.
Once we’ve internalized what it has shown us this feeds and stimulates everything we do.

After Manet's portrait of Clemençeau
After Manet’s portrait of Clemençeau
After Corot's portrait of a young woman
After Corot’s portrait of a young woman
After Ekin's portrait of a woman
After Ekin’s portrait of a woman
After Delacroix's nude woman
After Delacroix’s nude woman
After Rembrandt's Weeping Woman
After Rembrandt’s Weeping Woman

Let’s discuss exhibiting my work, purchasing, or commissioning a painting.

“Sometimes I know so little about what

the unconscious demands

that I simply leave it to my hands,

so that afterwards I can think about

what I have shaped.”

~CG Jung, CG Jung: His Myth in Our Time, von Franz

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