Let’s get to the point…

chharcoal drawing, interpenetrated

There are three realms of human endeavor:



and communion with the sacred.

We must attend to all three if we are to integrate our lives.

This has been a hard-won realization. Over the years I’ve tended to cycle between one and the other of the first two realms while never quite able to ignore the demands of the last one.

This site is both a trace of these efforts over time and a call for those who would care to connect with me in ways that may help us find a way forward.


Perhaps the best introduction to my project would be to read these posts:

Queequeg’s Coffin

Attending Quality

Abandoning Persuasion

Pointing Out Futility

Confusion is part of the message

A Question of Purpose

More and more… it’s fragments…

Communion with the Sacred

Drawing Desire

What Drives Me, Looking Back at Looking Back

Taken in order they present an outline of my investigations and point towards possibilities we may move towards.

Don’t confuse the round-about nature of these essays, my journey, for imprecision.

What these attempt to capture cannot be held in a less subtle net.

We suffer too much from reductive strategies that corrode our capacities to experience living and move past destructive behaviors.

How do we get from here to there?

How do we navigate our uncertainty?

These questions are at the heart of what I do.

The following presentation by my friend and colleague Jeppe Dyrendom Graugaard is a straightforward introduction into our shared concerns and gives a good introduction to the context of my work.




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  1. Good to be in touch again, Antonio! Will come back and work through the posts. Interesting that JMG is sallying forth into ecospirituality. I should say ecoreligion, lest I annoy him. :-)

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