Plans FAQ

Plans FAQ

Plans FAQ*

1. Is this a lapstrake ply hull? Are the lap plank shapes shown on patterns?

All of these small boats can be built in glued lapstrake or traditional lapstrake if suitable stock is available and you are comfortable with this technique.

No, there are no plank patterns.

All my plans require the builder to be familiar with lining off and patterning their own planking.

2. What size and quantity of marine BS1088 ply is required?

These plans do not include detailed material lists.

3. I prefer a gaff main rather than gunter, is such a modification possible?

Yes, a high peaked gaff rig would be suitable.

There are many possible variations in adapting a boat plan to fit your needs.

A degree of discretion is needed to be able to adapt without destroying a designs integrity. If you’d like an alternative rig or to make some change. Ask me.

4. Do the plans have sufficient detail for assembly, mast and rig details?

These plans expect a high level of experience with small boat building.

There is sufficient information to complete the boat as intended. There are not detailed How-to instructions.

A builder is responsible for finding and learning the required techniques on their own.

These books are a great place to start.

5. Is this hull built upside down on a building jig?


5. I don’t see this design on Duckworks, and I don’t use PayPal. Are there other means of paying for plans, like a CC? Are the plans sent by pdf?

Plans can be purchased with a credit card by clicking on the Purchase button.

All plans come in PDF format and are downloaded as a zip.

6. Are study plans available?

No. I try to put as much as I can into each design’s Project Page, including small scale images of most or all of what’s in the plans.

If you still have questions send them along via the contact form.

6. Will I be able to build this boat?

If you have any doubts it would be best if you find a design and plans or a kit specifically developed for an entry level amateur builder.

These plans are offered for those who are interested in building these specific designs and are experienced enough to work from a minimum of documentation.

These plans are the way they are because I am interested in developing a certain kind of craft and want to provide an alternative to what is available elsewhere.

My efforts follow my interests. My time has gone into honing the lines and developing the wholeness of the boat I have in mind.

I also believe that entering into the difficulties and reckoning with the necessity to find one’s way while maintaining fealty to a design’s intention is one of life’s important lessons. A step-by-step, follow-the-instructions plan goes counter to what I believe is important to bring to people’s experience.

I understand this does not sell many plans.

There are plenty of designs/designers out there offering that kind of plan.

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