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Looking back at looking back, What Drives Me,

I’ve just re-read this essay: What Drives Me Confronting the double-bind, Growing up in a predicament we get past incredulity or we take refuge in madness. This has been a difficult time to find the traction with which to continue writing about our predicament. What Drives Me points at an inkling – too amorphous to be…… Continue reading Looking back at looking back, What Drives Me,

Conversations with Jeppe Graugaard, Part I, Practice

I’m just back from two weeks working with Jeppe Graugaard in Denmark. This recording is the first of a three-part series of conversations resulting from our time together. More on this and other aspects of what went on while I was there to follow….

Carved above Jung’s door

Vocatus atque non vocatus, deus aderit.Invoked or not invoked, the god will be present.Attributed to the Oracle at Delphi

Communion with the Sacred

Art and craft, these two simple words do a fine job of naming two of the three realms of living. I’ve had some difficulty finding an equally straightforward and simple term to describe and name the third. For a while I’ve latched onto John Michael Greer’s “Theosphere.” It is literal enough. It describes a realm…… Continue reading Communion with the Sacred

A Question of Purpose

My thoughts have been circling around what may best be described as questions of purpose. This might be considered central to any life led with some degree of introspection. As with most things of value this pursuit has been short-changed by our culture’s dominant modus operandi. It’s taken quite a while to sort this out.…… Continue reading A Question of Purpose

Pointing out futility

“That’s what I like about you… you are always able to show me the futility of everything. Well, the futility of everything except Nothing.” Julien Matei Reading this line Julien has posted on Mirrors of Encounters brought a smile. I’ve never been complimented, even sarcastically, for doing this. I have been accused of it, even…… Continue reading Pointing out futility

Abandoning persuasion

It’s becoming more clear every day that our predilection to interact by means of identifying with ideas and then battling to have our ideas prevail does not address any of the dire circumstances we find our selves in. I see this as it touches on each of us as individuals. It divides us from each…… Continue reading Abandoning persuasion

Attending Quality

A personal website has many functions. It can be hard to sort them out. Most often they are advertisements for a Persona, a means to find a job, or a signpost in an attempt to reach a cohort of the like-minded. Sometimes they are attempts to sort things out. The effort of presentation becomes a…… Continue reading Attending Quality