Shoal Hope

Shoal Hope is a novel of spirals and traps.
Traps that turn in on themselves.
Traps that overwhelm our ability to make decisions.
We see fish-traps ringing the shores of Cape Cod
until a generation ago,
but also the traps we’ve constructed for ourselves.


As we consider Boats for difficult times, we need to reassess what we mean by cost and utility. Cost not only in money or even in money at all. If a boat is built outside the money economy many other factors take precedence. Likewise, if we remove the exaggerated cost/benefits provided by fossil fuels – so long as we ignore the so-called externalities – we must measure utility in ways we may not readily recognize.


Learning is Central:
Sharing our gifts,
Working together,
Teaching and learning in reciprocity.
Entering into shared Inquiry,
Maintaining these practices as a way of life.