Conversations with Jeppe Graugaard, Part I, Practice

I’m just back from two weeks working with Jeppe Graugaard in Denmark. This recording is the first of a three-part series of conversations resulting from our time together.

Hypnotized by Desire

What dissolves obsessions and releases us from compulsion is a recognition – through the depths of Grief – that what what we had believed to be essential is futile and that what has made it futile is what allows us to be released from it: We are struck by the realization that to continue in this manner is incoherent.

A Welcome Review

Over on his blog, PatternWhichConnects, Jeppe Graugaard had this to say about my work. Last year we co-published three of these conversations which delved into some of the processes that underpin the sense of isolation and fragmentation we had both experienced (albeit in different ways) as well as the ways in which we were beginningContinue reading “A Welcome Review”

The Edifice of Thought*

Thought shapes thinking. We cannot think differently unless we become aware of how thought shapes our thinking. There is a shape implicit in thought, forming a trajectory for our thinking, that is there as we gather a thought. Right there in the act of thinking itself. Technological thinking, institutionalized, taught thinking, what we call rationalContinue reading “The Edifice of Thought*”


Art and Craft both deal with meaning. In Art we grapple with questions of meaning. In Craft we grapple with our limitations. In Communion we integrate what we’ve found. Reach out. Build relationships. Integrate our human community within the greater community of all life. Engaging with Community we discover purpose. Sharing creative work drives whatContinue reading “Communion”


Attention to perception and creativity is at the heart of what I do. Complexity cannot be reduced to any given certainty. Colleagues have had this to say: …you’ve focused on how even promising responses to our converging predicaments become mired in the internalized power/coercion dynamics which produced them in the first place. Christian Ford OrwellContinue reading “Profile/Contact”