How Do We Change?

Change begins when we let go

and stop defending our existing condition.

We behave the way we do based on what we can see.

We cannot see what we cannot see. These are our blind spots.

Change comes when we find ways to see what had been hidden from our view.

Resistance to change is fed by our fear that we will be compelled to change in ways we currently consider uncomfortable if we were to even begin looking into the possibilities of changing.

This fear and the stresses brought on by our anxiety strip from us our capacity for curiosity and courage. We become more and more fearful at the mere mention of change.

No real change is the result

of internal or external compulsion.

Upon seeing what was once hidden the compulsion defending that blind spot melts away.

We experience this dissolving of compulsion as an outpouring of vitality.

We go from feeling that change is a matter of replacing one master with another to seeing that change brings us to discover our authenticity.

This transforms how we see change.

Change does not replace one bind with another.

Change releases us.

Change brings us to a state of…,


Change then shows us that we had

no idea what freedom is….

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