A Welcome Review

Last year we co-published three of these conversations

which delved into some of the processes that underpin the sense of isolation

and fragmentation we had both experienced (albeit in different ways)

as well as the ways in which we were beginning to find community.

As a way into approaching and practicing dialogue and proprioception

my interactions with Tony have been, and continue to be,

immensely helpful for finding new inspiration/insight

and for clarifying my own thought process.

Recently, Tony has been distilling a lot of the insights he has come to

in an encouraging series of blog posts

which both deepen his conceptual vocabulary and anchors it firmly

within a wider community.

In A Space for Community, he opens up for ‘anchoring’ community

within the wider movement of life.

This connects directly with some thoughts I’d been having about community

as relationship (see Lines of flight in a time of endings)

and suggests to me a way to begin gauging whether thought and action

align with a deeper sense of community.

This feels like a major step forward.

Over on his blog, PatternWhichConnects, Jeppe Graugaard had this to say about my work.

I’m grateful for his close-reading and for the opportunities we’ve had to collaborate in the past. Looking forward to continuing and broadening our connections in the coming year.

In the meantime, if anyone is interested in a “second opinion” on what it is that I do. I recommend you read his post in full.

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