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Over on his blog, PatternWhichConnects, Jeppe Graugaard had this to say about my work.

Last year we co-published three of these conversations which delved into some of the processes that underpin the sense of isolation and fragmentation we had both experienced (albeit in different ways) as well as the ways in which we were beginning to find community. As a way into approaching and practicing dialogue and proprioception my interactions with Tony have been, and continue to be, immensely helpful for finding new inspiration/insight and for clarifying my own thought process.

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First Post on Up-dated Site! Sailing the Shallop

As a returning visitor to this site I hope you enjoy the changes you’ll find here.

As a first time visitor, welcome!

It seems fitting at this time of year to share these photos taken while sailing on the Shallop replica for the Mayflower II.

I was fortunate to join them on a late-season sail from Duxbury back to Plymouth.

I hope these images give you a sense of what a special event this was.

© Antonio Dias

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Factory 1-d Launched!


Just got these images from Victoria Guidi, Program Director at the Philadelphia Wooden Boat Factory.

This one says it all! The Purple Lady – the kids chose the color and the name – sailing in the basin to the side of the Independence Seaport Museum. The Cruiser, Olympia and the Bark, Moshulu in the background.

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September Landscapes

© Antonio Dias

“High Tide”
18″ x 24″
oil on canvas

A series of recent landscapes painted without intention. These paintings develop from the first gestural marks on the canvas. Hints at a color-world appear. At each step, I only look for what is out of place, or just allow what the hand does to happen. A point is reached where an image coalesces. From there, what is required of me is to continue without imposing until the canvas reaches a point of sufficiency.

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E-book of Fragments of my Father, a memoir



Fragments of my Father, a memoir is available in all the popular eBook formats.

A series of ruminations on the loss of a father and a legacy uncovered later in life. A writer finds his father and his voice in “middle age.”
Fragments of my Father, a memoir is now available as an eBook.

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The Island


Click on the Cover Photo to go to Smashwords.com.

The Island is available in all the popular eBook formats.

A tragic short story. A father and son are pushed beyond their limits by circumstances. Sailing their small boat offshore in winter, their luck runs out….

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This is what I do:

“…we …edit our reality, searching for evidence that confirms what we already believe. …we pretend… our views (are) dictated by … facts. we’re …blinkered, especially when it comes to information that contradicts our theories.”

“The problem with science, …isn’t that most experiments fail — it’s that most failures are ignored.”

Jonah Lehrer

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New Look for Boats for difficult times


The web allows us to be in perpetual beta. Without the overhead of print media we can continue to develop all aspects of a site as we go along, making changes as they come to us without the constraints. This also allows us to drop any pretense of a single, iconic presentation. While letting readers into the contingency of any creative act.

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Dark Mountain 2 Reviewed in the Ecologist

Here’s the concluding paragraph of the review:

“Dark Mountain Issue 2 is one of the most unique environmental books out there – part dystopian poetry along the lines of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road; part post-apocalyptic River Cottage with the rest being a slice of philosophy that only ever becomes clear once the reader immerses themselves in the works within. The contributions are consistently of a high standard, no matter what the form. In fact, it’s worth reading for the sheer variety of literary reaction to the potential ending of our cultural systems as much as to see what the movement is about. As with many natural systems; the whole provides far more to think about than the sum of the individual elements.”

Take a look at the entire article by Mike Newton: Dark Mountain 2

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